Hair Color & Eyelash Extensions Offers Low Maintenance Option for Clients

At Tease Studio we know you want to have a polished look everyday, but can not afford to spend hours upon hours at the salon. The mission of Tease Hair and Lash Studio is to provide clients with a stunning daily look with minimal daily/weekly/monthly effort.  Using only the best products, our streamlined service delivery provides you with all the services you want within one appointment. Tease offers a full range of hair and nail services as well as enhancement services such as semi-permanent eyelash extensions and sunless tans. Professional skin treatments are also available at Tease to help clients maintain a youthful appearance and glow, and/or achieve a dramatic reversal of unwanted skin conditions.  No matter what services you desire, we will customize your appointment time to give you a fun and relaxing salon experience, beautiful results, and the biggest bang for your buck.  Tease Studio members can enjoy all of these benefits at a discounted price!

Boise Hair Extensions

Do you want to do something different to your hairstyle, but need some good ideas?  Do you want your hair color to be vibrant and fun, but don’t want to be stuck in a salon chair for hours every month? For those Boise babes out there that want a low maintenance way to add dimension and color in their hair, Balayage might be the answer you are seeking.  Unlike foil highlights, Balayage highlights are painted on the hair in a natural, sun-kissed pattern.  The finished product leaves you with beautiful, sweeping highlights that are more concentrated at the ends of the hair rather than the roots.  As your hair grows, the Balayage highlights will not have a harsh line of demarcation.  This means that you can go several months in between touch-ups without looking shabby.   What if you have been a traditional foil highlight client and you want to try Balayage?  Not to worry, the stylists at Tease Hair and Lash Studio know how to help you make that transition.

Boise Eyelash Extensions

Application of eyelash extensions is a growing trend in Boise and people love the experience of having their lashes applied at Tease Hair and Lash Studio. When people inquire about eyelash extensions, one question we often get is, “What are eyelash extensions made of?” Many people have been lead to believe that all eyelash extensions are made of actual silk or mink animal fur. As much as all the marketing companies would like consumers to believe this, it is just not true. All eyelash extensions (with the exception of actual animal fur) are made from PBT Fiber. This is the same material used for toothbrush bristles and is very similar to nylon. The words “silk” and “mink” are simply attractive marketing words used by manufacturers to describe the finishes of their lashes. Silk is usually a shiny, glossy finish, while mink is more of a matte finish. At Tease Hair and Lash Studio in Boise, we have both “silk” and “mink” eyelash extensions in many lengths, weights, and styles. We also have colored and glitter lashes available as an upgraded service. Eyelash extensions can also be made from real mink animal fur, or some other type of fur. However, people are more likely to have an allergic reaction to real animal fur eyelash extensions. Therefore, we only offer eyelash extensions made from PBT fiber. Eyelash extensions made from PBT fiber offer a wide variety of options to create different looks. At Tease Hair and Lash Studio, we have the lashes on hand to give you the look you want. Whether you want your eyelash extensions to have a soft, wispy appearance, or a bold, thick mascara look, we have the materials on hand to make it happen.

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