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Bunions hurt? Our customized orthotics help promote bunion pain relief by putting the foot in a healthier position inside the shoe. Bunions are extremely common. They typically present themselves as a bony protrusion on the inside of the foot by the big toe joint. Some people may develop a bump on the outside of the foot by the pinky toe. These are referred to as a Tailor’s Bunion or bunionette. Bunions often develop as a result of poor foot biomechanics, arthritis, or from wearing shoes that are too small or tight.


Stress on the joint of the big toe may cause swelling and pressure inside a shoe, which may cause severe pain along the side of the foot and in the big toe. If the Bunion is large it may cross over or under the 2nd toe and it may become difficult to find shoes that fit properly.

Our Pain Relief Solutions

Good Feet provides a wide variety of arch supports that can help to transfer the body’s weight off the front of the foot, which may help relieve pain in the joint of the big toe. Additionally, by stabilizing the structure, Good Feet arch supports can help to correct poor foot biomechanics and allow the foot to sit in a healthier position inside the shoe, relieving pressure on the big toe joint.

Good Feet Products

Good Feet arch supports are designed to place the feet in the “ideal” position by supporting all four arches – thereby promoting even body weight distribution. Our wide range of over 300 styles, flexibilities, and sizes allows our customers to be fit with the supports that meet their particular needs, foot type, shoes, lifestyle and overall comfort.


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